The Black Hole Within the Nebula

It’s no secret that I’ve been enjoying my time spent flying around in my Clipper, Celestia. No ship in its class can match it’s speed and agility. In combat she can hold her own and has proved that time and again. With tensions rising around civilized space Celestia and I have been breaking apart criminal syndicates in both the Alliance and Empire. I  went out to some of the recent community trading goals as well in an effort to protect other commanders from the likes of pirates and privteers like Code and the Cosmic State Group Vikings. (formerly the Cosmic State Group)

The dust has settled for a bit, so I deiced to take a trip to a very small Nebula some 5,000 ly from sol. It was about time for another run, Rosalina hasn’t been out in a while.


good old celestia

The nebula I wanted to go to is TRAIKOA FL-P E5-4 the strange thing is unlike the previous nebula I visited this one only encompasses one celestial body. It rather small and has a strange blueish hue to it. I’ve heard from a few explorers that its a beautiful site.

I set off into the deep freeze alone this time. Unfortunately, my companion Maria had to be sent back to my parents on Elizabeth Young’s World in the Ursitoare system, with all the crime brought on by the onionhead nearby they need her more than I do. It’s been sometime without her but I’ve had the comms open with other commanders out there, though even in the 32nd century its difficult to contact civilization when you’re out in the deepest sectors of the black. The same goes for a distress beacon.


Rosie the explorer 

As I set off into the black it occurred to me that I was going through some badlands. Badlands are areas of the galaxy which contained mostly Brown Dwarf systems a nightmare for explorers as you can’t scoop fuel from these systems. If there’s enough of them in a row you’ll end up running out of fuel and either signaling for help or pushing that self destruct button as a means to a quick end. (better than  starvation)

There were countless times I had redirect myself to the nearest K,G,B,F,O,A, or M star to refuel I did learn something with the galaxy map though, you can easily filter out non-scoopable stars in the view options. I may put up a tutorial about it someday for any greenhorn explorers who may come across it.



After what seemed like days of flying, I jumped into the Nebula…Only to be pulled out by the black hole in the middle. It wasn’t too big but it had enough force to bring me out of super cruise immediately.  The damage to Rosalina was mininal so I pressed on and scanned the system. Something strange must have happened here, to me it seemed like maybe a massive gas giant or star collapsed near the singularity and ejected all its leftover gases around the black hole. Regardless I had some interesting data to bring home.


[Redacted] in the [Redacted] system I call it “Plate’s Hideaway”

The way back home was pretty uneventful, more brown dwarfs as I  went though the cold, foreboding, space. I got so tired of them I gave up scanning them, most of the time there’s only rocks orbiting them anyways. I got to a G class star in the [REDACTED] system and Rosalina started to take in all the fuel she could get. The scan of the system picked up something interesting, there was a K class star in the system with a lot of planets orbiting it, nothing out of the ordinary except one that looked like it could have life on it. The K star was a decent distance, one that I wouldn’t normally travel but that one planet was too good to pass up. When I finally did get there I wasn’t let down; it was an eath like world suitable for water-based life and I was the first to find it. As the first I have dubbed the planet “Plate’s Hideaway” because who know’s I may retire there one day to get away from the craziness of the galaxy.


Once I got to Gliese 58 I was in for some good money, over all I made about 3 million in total. Not bad for just a 5k Ly trek, heard that Darius made about 12 million on his 15,000 Ly run. I went to a nice pub on Roth Station called Endgame to celebrate; those celebrations however, were short lived as 2 Imperial suits came for me, “Is there a Commander Plate in this establishment? He is being summoned to the Imperial command at once!” They announced. There’s no rest in the galaxy for a commander is there?

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