Somethings Got Mal Spooked2

Something’s Got Me Spooked

It’s not that I’m scared, per se, more that this whole Unknown Artifacts situation brings back some memories sooner forgotten – what must ‘they’ have thought when they received our little gifts in their space so far away? Did they sit and analyse the sounds, pondering as to their meaning, wondering why they expired after a certain time, why they degraded modules in their ships?

Worse – did they also experiment by carrying them to different sectors of their territory, even their home world, so see what would happen? If they did, they played right into our hands…” I mused aloud to nobody in particular. That was the longest I have ever gone without a swig of Hobgoblin. Okay sure, I’m scared.

I’ve definitely been preoccupied of late – an old pal of mine, Cmdr. Physco, finally got his wings and has started flying about in a Sidey – so, bound by old allegiances better left buried I helped get him his first few 10k
credits by gifting some Palladium, and escorted him on a couple of trade runs.

All the while, Pepper – oh Pepper, I don’t want to have to kill you, I do so hope you’re under duress – commissions Darius and Baiju to start hunting around for some of these “Unknown Artifacts” that everyone has been
going crazy about recently. With the suggested bonus of getting Lefors and his posse off our backs.


Finally, I pick up Darius!

So – let me get this straight, computer: Someone even more powerful and probably more connected than Lefors has ‘asked’ Pepper to get Na’ama Wing out hunting for some highly dangerous artifacts in deep space – which, judging from the reports I have been seeing – not to mention the more recent evidence I have directly obtained and studied, could quite possibly be a reciprocal gesture from our old adversaries some light years away currently, if the reports are to be believed, unable to travel in hyperspace.

After fitting out Thunder Child III for high speed and self-sufficiency, with some upgrades to power plant, distributor and weapons, as soon as I could comfortably leave Cmdr. Physco to his own devices, I set a course for Darius’ last known location, right out on the edge of Federal space – engaging in my old exploration technique of jump-scan-scoop-repeat, I was there within 2 hours. Thunder Child III needed some repairs at New Dawn station but she, as always, did me proud. Just like her predecessors…

Along the way I had been bouncing messages to Darius over voice and text channels, and received nothing but static back. After a suitable amount of time to allow for understandable delays, I became more concerned, pushing TCIII harder than she has come to expect from me, until, finally, I got a response. “Hey Mal! Sorry about that, I was out the back making lunch…” I cannot repeat here what I said to Darius at that point. I will merely reflect that I was angrily relieved, and that I stated, in no uncertain terms, that he was to remain exactly where he was and await my arrival.


Approaching New Dawn Station.

I’ll save the reader the task of digesting my own version of these events and suggest that they venture over to the below listed entries…

“Time to get back to Shinrarta Dezhra and refit you for heavy combat old girl – and for that I need money. And for THAT, I need to trade…”

Post Series: Operation Bletchely

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