Operation Bletchely

Operation Bletchley

I was sent out to survey several systems around the Orion Nebula a couple of days ago and was half way through scanning a class 3 gas giant when I received an emergency transmission from NWHQ in Alioth.


Message Decryption Complete.

Begin Message:

Commander Torkalar,

On March 13th 3301 a Lakon Type 7 heading to Leonard Nimoy station was ambushed in the Califonia Sector HW-W C1-7 System while carrying an extremely rare artifact. The attackers, lead by a pirate known only as CMDR Vengar piloting a Vulture, were destroyed with the help of CMDR Ishmael, CMDR Jameson, CMDR Halligan and CMDR Kohl who arrived in time to save the Type 7. Unfortunately CMDR Kohl lost his life while defending the Type 7 and its cargo.

The artifact was delivered successfully to Leonard Nimoy Station some days later, however, the pilot of the Type 7, and his associates, have since disappeared.

My client is extremely keen on obtaining another one of these artifacts.

I need you to find one Commander. It is known only as an “Unknown Artifact” and is considered highly illegal in all known jurisdictions.

Contact me once you have one and I will the send delivery coordinates.

I know this is not much to go on Darius but know this… should you succeed my client has the power to make CMDR Lefors and his posse vanish. Permanently.

I suggest you start looking in the California Sector. Good luck Darius.




Not much to go on indeed. So off to the California Nebula we go then…


The ‘Carl Sagan’ doing a spot of prospecting before heading out to the California Sector.

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