Texas And Arizona

New Endeavours

It’s been a busy fortnight at Na’ama Wing. We’ve finished moving our new head office into a rather plush building at Majida in Apam Napat and have been busy working on fostering local relations, not just in Apam Napat but in the other local systems as well. Our new offices over look the main entrance to the Coriolis station and we’re in the sweet 0.9 G band of the station. Of course, this kind of luxury office comes at a price and so one of the first things we have had to do is set up local trade and delivery contracts in and out of Majida.

Commander Plate, who based himself in the region of space several months ago, has recently taken delivery of a brand new Anaconda he has named “Arizona” after his ancestral home back on Earth, so we now have to Anaconda class vessels in the fleet. Suffice to say he is very pleased with his new ship! Details of the Arizona will be added to the ship database soon.

In other news, Dangerous Dave received an encrypted subspace message from Pepper notifying him that she was alright and to expect communication from her soon. We were all pleased to her this, although despite our best efforts we could not determine the origin of the message. Baiju continues to try and crack the damaged holofax that Dave recovered from her Sidewinder and reveal more information about ‘The Orion Protocol.” Hopefully this will shed some light on Pepper’s whereabouts. Until then, we have all have to carry on without her. I just hope that when she does return she doesn’t freak out that we bought another Anaconda!


Endurance exploring the local systems

Also, I received a message from Lorentia, the mysterious woman whom I met with several weeks ago while investigating the equally mysterious unknown artifacts that were appearing in systems all over inhabited space. She had ‘arranged’ a lucrative business deal for Na’Ama Wing offering subsidised mined materials (useful for our new mining operation vessel Astraea) and other trade benefits while operating in Imperial space. In return myself and commander Plate must pledge to work for the Imperial Senator Zemina Torval.

We would be required to run certain control and expansion materials in and out of various systems either in her control, or systems she was planning to expand into. This fitted in with our normal day to day operations anyway and so we are now aligned with the Senator, although our HQ is outside of her sphere of influence – Apam Napat being a neutral, uncontrolled system on the border of Denton Patreus’s territory.

And finally we’re becoming a little concerned about Mal…  he’s been off the radar for over a week now and although it’s not unheard of for Malcolm Washburne to fall off the galaxy for extended periods of time, he normally checks in at some stage, or at least we’ll here from local system security asking us to come pick him up from the local cells after a fracas in a local bar. We’ll give him another week before we start to get really concerned.

In the mean time – it’s business as usual!


The Daedalion Falcon on approach to Majida, Apam Napat.

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