“Thunder Child” is a Faulcon DeLacy Python and was acquired on March 28th 3300 at the Jameson Memorial ship yard in Shinrarta Dhezra. She is currently flown by Commander Malcolm Washburne and is currently assigned to long range heavy cargo transport. Thunder Child is the 3rd ship of its class operated by Na’Ama Wing.

Thunder Child is primarily a heavily armed medium range transport vessel but is also equipped for heavy combat.

She is called Thunder Child after an ancient Earth battle-cruiser of the late 19th century that featured in a musical version of the War of the Worlds.

Home Port:

Current Assignment:

Commanding Officer:

Melbourne Park – Alioth

Medium range heavy haulage in hostile environments

Malcolm Washburne

Power Distributor A7
Shields A5
Thrusters C6
Cargo Capacity 260 tons
Sensors D6
Life Support D4
Power Plant B7

2 x Class C3 Gimballed Beam Lasers

3 x Class F2 Gimballed Multi Cannons

2 x Class D Shield Boosters

Heat Sink Launcher

Advanced Discovery Scanner

Kill Warrant Scanner

Frame Shift Drive Interdictor