NaaAmaCobra #S Eta Cephei 10

“Serenity” is a Faulcon DeLacy Cobra MKIII and was acquired in Dec  3300 at the Jameson Memorial ship yards in Shinrarta Dehzra. She is currently (not being) flown by Commander Malcolm Washburne and is currently assigned to sitting in a hanger at Simak Terminal.

“Serenity” is primarily just sitting in a hanger while Mal decides what to do with her and has been stripped down to her original equipment specifications. She still looks pretty cool though.

She is called ‘Serenity’ because it’s a damn good name for a ship!

Home Port:

Current Assignment:

Commanding Officer:

Simak Terminal – BD+46 2014

Collecting dust in the hanger

Malcolm Washburne

Power Distributor E3
Shields E4
Thrusters E4
Cargo Capacity 18tons
Sensors E3
Life Support E3
Power Plant E4

2 x Class G1 Pulse Lasers

1 x Basic Discovery Scanner