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The ‘Carl Sagan’ is an Asp Explorer built by Lakon Spaceways and was acquired on Jan 2nd 3301 from Melbourne Park Ship Yard in Alioth. She is equipped for long range exploration and light mining and is currently assigned to Commander Darius Torkalar.”

Home Port:

Current Assignment:

Commanding Officer:

Melbourne Park – Alioth

Long range deep field exploration

Darius Torkalar

Power Distributor A4
Shields D5
Thrusters D5
Cargo Capacity 8 tons
Sensors D4
Life Support D4
Power Plant A4

2 x Class F2 Gimballed Pulse Lasers

2 x Class B1 Seeker Missile Racks

2 x Class 2D Mining Lasers

1 x Class A Shield Booster

1 x Heat Sink

1 x Advanced Discovery Scanner

1 x Detailed Surface Scanner

1 x A2 Refinery