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The ‘Arizona’ is a Falcon de Lacy Anaconda class light cruiser and was acquired on June 19th 3301 at an undisclosed shipyard in Senator Torval controlled space. She is under the command of Commander Puzzle Plate and is currently undergoing space trials before being given an official designation and role, however, it is likely that whatever configuration she finally adopts she will have formidable firepower.

She is named after the ancient United States of America, state of Arizona in the late 22nd century on Earth in the Sol system. Along with her sister ship, Texas, they are able to project significant firepower on behalf of Na’ama Wing or Senator Torval, wherever it is needed.

Home Port:

Current Assignment:

Commanding Officer:

Lagerkvist Gateway, Synteini


CMDR Plate

Power Distributor D8
Shields A6
Thrusters D7
Cargo Capacity 400 tons
Sensors D8
Life Support D5
Power Plant D8

3 x class 3 Gimballed Pulse Laser Turrets

2 x class 2 Gimballed beam Lasers

2 x class 1 Seeker Missile Racks

1 x class 4 Gimballed Cannon

Standard Docking Computer

4 class A shield boosters

Jump Range – 27.01 LY