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“Na’Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration & Logistics” are a small, fictional company based in the Elite: Dangerous universe specializing in the collection and delivery of high value goods to dangerous, often hard to reach locations. We play together most evenings and weekends mostly running cargo, exploring or having fun together in combat!

Short Company Bio:

Commander Darius Torkalar and Commander Malcolm Washburne head up Na’Ama Wing, having met up while working for Sethwin Devious, a rather nefarious gangster in Egypt, Earth, back in 3273. It turns out that this ‘gangster’ had employed both commanders to fulfill the same locate and recover contract. Once they figured out what he was up to, they teamed up and played Sethwin at his own game, making a small fortune in the process. They have been working together ever since and formed Na’Ama Wing back in 3275.

Current Allegiance 

Right now, our group is predominantly Imperially aligned, in particular with Senator, Zemina Torval, although we have representatives from other Imperial powers as well including Aisling Duval and Denton Patreus. 

Business brings opportunity, and without opportunity none of us can hope to rise an higher.

– Senator Zemina Torval


Explorer? Na’Ama Wing Needs You!

It’s a big galaxy and we can’t map it on our own! If you are an explorer who loves to find interesting new systems and stellar bodies then come and work for N’Ama Wing’s Deep Space Exploration division. The hours are long and lonely but the reward is your name in the Universal Cartographics Book of Records!

We’ll set you up with an account so you can blog about your discoveries in audio, video or text format – it’s up to you. We just want to hear about your adventures!

Naama Wing Logo
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