Andromeda In Apam Napat

A New Home

It’s been a while since my last log entry and in that time Baiju and I have been busy relocating the fleet from Melbourne Park in the Alioth system, down to Majida in the Apam Napat system. In my last entry Baiju and I met up with Dangerous Dave who, not only turns out to be alive and well, but also managed to track down the the hull of Pepper’s old Sidewinder ‘Slipstream’ in the Phekda system and recovered a holofax with ‘Orion Protocol’ written on it.

This didn’t mean anything to us and even at the time of writing the log entry, we have still not managed to retrieve any information from it, although Baiju remains optimistic that he can get whatever is stored on it, off it. However, in light of all recent events, we decided it would be prudent to relocate our HQ away from Alioth. It has been our home since Nov 3300 and even though we will miss the facilities and the hustle and bustle of the Alliance Capital, we both agreed it was time for a move.

Apam Napat was decided on after I spent some time down here before having my ‘meeting’ with Lorentia. A beautiful system with a single main Corriolis and 2 small outposts orbiting a pair of ringed high metal content worlds in close orbit from each other and a handful of light seconds from the main G type star. The rings systems around these planets are a sight to behold. The hub of the system, Majida, is the Coriolois station and is a respectable 900LS from the arrival point in system. A welcome change to the 7000+ ls journey out to Melbourne Park from the Alioth star.


Majida Station in the APam Napat system – Imperial Space

Moving the entire fleet down has taken us a lot of planning and many days but finally we got the last ship here late last night – Endurance, my new Diamondback Explorer. Once parked up I met with Baiju who was finishing up moving our equipment and furniture into our new office on the 37th floor on the ventral side of the station. Again, an improvement on Melbourne Park as we now have 0.9g instead of 0.5! One down side, however, is Majida is a Coriolis and so does not have a habitat ring. But it does have an awesome bar – the Sun Chaser and they have Lavian Brandy! I think we will like it here.

Once we get settled into our new home over the next few days, I will arrange a meeting with Mal, Plate and Dangerous Dave to discuss what we are going to do about locating Pepper and seeing if we can make some headway on this Unknown Artifact saga we seem to have found ourselves in.

Commander Plate is currently in the home world of Imperial Senator Zamina Torval doing some…  well, let’s just say he’s busy helping the Senator get her way in the neighbourhood. Mal is…  somewhere. And although I suspect that that somewhere may be a bar, which is probably as accurate a statement about Malcolm Washburne as it is possible to make, the exact location of that bar remains a mystery. I hope to hear from him in the coming days. I also hope he reads the message I sent him regarding moving HQ out of Alioth.

I have a funny feeling I may be getting a call from Melbourne Park’s Facilities Manager soon asking me to come bail out a pilot who kicked off on the promenade trying to break into somebodies office.

We shall see!


Texas arriving in Apam Napat, taking a detour through the rings of Apam Napat 3

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